Allie, the Christmas Spider

Allie, the Christmas Spider dust jacketAllie, the Christmas Spider

Allie lives in a window corner of a poor rabbit family’s home. She is especially fond of their daughter Beth who is looking forward to Christmas. The family’s tree is bare and there are few presents under it. After the family goes to bed on Christmas Eve, Allie wants to give them a present, but what can a spider do?

Looking at the popcorn strand circling the tree, it reminds her of her spider webs, and she realizes what she can do for the family. On Christmas morning the tree is covered with her sparkling webs. Allie has worked all night and is exhausted, but her gift becomes the perfect present. The detailed and warm pictures by Maggie Kneen enhance the story.

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Product details:
ISBN: 0-525-46860-9
Publisher: Dutton Children’s Books ( 2002)
Hardcover: 32 pages
Language: English
Age Range: 4-8
Grade Level: K-3

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